Gelato Ice Cart

Gelato Ice Cart

Money can’t buy you Happiness, but it can but you Ice Cream… and that’s just the same

For over 100 years the Genoa Café has been selling our Award Winning Food and Homemade, Italian Gelato in Warrenpoint, Co Down. In the Year 1920 our Genoa Ice Cart stemmed from where the current owner’s Nonno, (Grandfather) took to the streets of the busy seaside town on a bicycle, to sell his gelato to the local residents and holiday makers in what was a very popular and beautiful holiday destination.

As time has evolved, so have we, and we now offer a bespoke party and event "element" to our Ice Cream business. We have two Genoa Ice Cream Carts that have been added to our Ice Cream family in 2009 and you can now hire the Genoa Ice Carts to be a part of your Wedding, Pre-wedding or any Special Occasion, both personal and within the Business environment such as Conferences, Product Launches and even Festivals. Our Ice Carts are designed to go both inside and outside so we can cater for our beautiful Irish weather.

We offer a tailored service and as every event is unique, we understand that you have your own vision, so let your imagination take over and let us make your ice cream dreams come true.

Our Ice Cart Experience includes;

  • Serving between 2 and 2.5 hours at a time of your choice
  • Holding up to 3 different Gelato flavours within our ice cart. We currently have 18 delicious Homemade Italian Gelatos, including our Award-Winning Vanilla and we are always adding to our Gelato range
  • Offering a personalised service, personalising your wafer discs with your names and wedding venue/date on them
  • Offering all your guests a choice of either waffle cones or branded tubs, along with flakes and various dips

To make your Gelato Dreams come true, send us an email or give us a call! 

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